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Ali gets a blog!

I am so excited despite the fact that I have no idea what I’m getting into! I’ve hummed and hawwed about starting a blog, wondering what I’d write about, what my “take” would be, who would read it, why bother… and then decided to take the plunge and give it a try. What do I have to lose?!?!

So what is this blog about? I recently read that whatever you do when you procrastinate is what you should really be doing. For me, that varies day by day. My blog posts will therefore vary day by day, ranging from our latest update to our semi-detached brick house in downtown Ottawa, budgeting and coming up with new ways to increase our income, setting (and keeping) goals to stay fit, our travel plans, and generally being frugal (with the occasional slip) to make the most of what we have. 

So let me give some context to my first post. I’m sitting in a hotel room on a Saturday night in La Paz, Bolivia. Crazy, eh? (did I mention I’m Canadian? so that “eh” will slip out every now and then) I travel occasionally for work, usually to South America. And I am in Bolivia for the next week and am taking advantage of the weekend off (and a bit of boredom) to get this party blog started!

If I know myself, I know I’ll need a list to keep me on track. To get this blog started, here’s what I have in mind for upcoming posts;

– an explanation of our home-buying process (spoiler alert: it took more than a year!)
– a room-by-room tour of our beloved house
– our monthly budget process and our savings goals
– how we increase our income by “pimping” our house
– where I get my inspiration – blogs, magazines, tv
– setting and staying accountable to my goals – travel, fitness/weight-loss, career, relationships, financial

But before I get lost in a million and one tangents, I feel I need to explain the name of the blog: Frugal Beach House. I love being a home owner and as most first-time home owners do, I’m told, I treat my house like my baby. When I have a free moment, I am coming up with my next idea for what I want to do to tweak a room. And as most first-time home owners also must do, we budget, save and get creative to do what we want to do in our house. Despite living in the middle of the continent, I consider myself a beach-girl at heart. I grew up going to Maine every summer with my family and dream of one day owning a house on the beach. Until then, I want to bring the feeling of ocean air / sand between your toes / lazy days to our darling 1400 sq ft semi-detached brick house in the city.

So there you have it… it’s our Frugal Beach House! Without further ado, here is our abode…