A little lipstick for the house…

We knew from the day we moved in that we wanted to paint our front door. It’s not so much that the white door didn’t go with the house. It’s just that the white paint was showing every mark and scuff and just looked messy.

Here are a few photos of the front of the house prior to any changes (except for our red wreath, which helped dress it up a bit temporarily)…



With so much light on the house when I took these pictures, it is hard to tell the shade of the brick, so here’s a close-up:


So the [short term] game plan is:

1. Paint the front door
2. Install a kick-plate and new door handle/lock
3. Touch-up the white trim around the door
4. Get a new exterior light
5. Update the house numbers
6. Get some nice urns/potted plants for the front steps

Long term, we’ll need to re-do the the front steps, but that’s not happening in the next 12 months. So far, we’ve completed the first step and since it is likely the biggest change, I’m sharing that first.

We looked through tons of colours at the Benjamin Moore paint store and settled on three possibilities: Flint (dark grey), Azores (blue/green) and Caliente (red).

Benjamin Moore Red Paint Colour caliente AF-290  Benjamin Moore® Aura® Paint - Azores

Without scrolling down, can you guess which one we picked?

First of all, I think we would have liked any of those ones. I was personally torn between Azores and Caliente. I thought the Azores blue-green would add to the beach house feel but wasn’t 100% sure it would go with the brick colour and look of the house. Let’s face it, we’re not fooling anyone into thinking we live near the ocean with our brown/red brick!

Cesar liked both Flint and Caliente… He thought the dark grey would look “classic” and Caliente would make it stand out more.

Notice the common denominator?

TAAA DAAA! (Imagine me as Vanna White showing off our house.)



So what do you think?!?! We’ve had it painted for a week now and we both like it. Although I think it’ll look awesome after we add the new door handle and kick plate that we picked up today. Stay tuned for those updates!


About lakmac

I'm a Canadian girl with a latino husband, a new home and a love of the beach, despite the fact that we live nowhere near the ocean. What makes me different than the thousands of other blogs out there that talk about decorating their first home? I haven't figured that out yet... For now, I plan to talk about our plans to decorate, save money, make money, travel, and have a good time.

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